Monday, June 29, 2009

tHe Phone CalL

SO...i'm laying in bed Sunday morning, soundly asleep and completely Exhausted from the past Week! and I hear my PHone going off! It is my ring tone but also my alarm so I was confused but I Flipped open my phone to Push the SNooze button! much to my surprise I see that it is actually Thomas calling me!

8:20 in the morning. on a sunday. church is at 1. where is thomas? and why is he calling me?

He asked me what time our Ward Breakfast was and I told him it was 9:30 and not 8:30! So I then go back to sleep and wake up to my alarm ten minutes later....not very happy about it either :( SO i go upstairs to lay on my mom's bed and talk to her and eat breakfast and I ask her where THomas is?! She starts being very concerned because he was on a date last night and due to the fact that he is 22 and the SON he doesn't have to check in when he gets home so she got all curious and went downstairs to check on him.....

He was laying in his bed half asleep!! He had called me from his bed, to ask me when our breakfast was, when I was in my bed just ten feet away from him! HaHaHaHaHa
simply amazing my brother :) his laziness astounds me..simply beautiful!
made me laugh REALLY hard! Ha

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  1. So I don't know if you remember me...I'm Megan from Junior Miss. I was the year after you :) Anyway, I love your blog!! It's way cute!