Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A whoLe new Life!

So...yes, i fail at writing on my blog. i'm sorry. BUT i am going to try and be better!

My life is about to change drastically! Two weeks from tomorrow I will be flying to Ecuador to work as a volunteer in multiple orphanges. I AM SO STOKED! ahhh i cannot wait! I know this will change my life forever and i am so excited!! I will be living in Cuenca, Ecuador and I will be there for 3 months, hopefully my Spanish will drastically improve when I am there. And i will be using this blog to update all of you fabulous people on all of my adventures while I am gone. :)

I know i will miss my family and all of my friends but I'm not focused on that at all because I am planning on giving 100% of myself to these children and helping them to feel loved and cherished! who knows i might bring one or two of them home! :) and one of the points I am really excited about is that my parents are coming to spend the last week with me and then we are going on a trip to the AMAZON....'i'm a piranha..they live in the a-ma-zon!' ;) and that will be SO much fun! my mom is a little worried about the bugs but i think watching her freak out will be part of the fun! hAHa oh man i just CanNot wait to be there and be able to grow and learn, I know i will come back a totally different person! and then a week after I get home I will be moving out! WOO HOO!!! I will be an RA at WEber State's campus living in Promintory Towers. i'm so excited to be out on my own, a totally new and amazing experience! HollA!

My life is changing in so many different ways and i just can't wait for it all to happen! I love life and i am so excited to live it to the fullest. Life just keeps getting better and better and i can't wait to see what it has for me in store! peace out. i promise i will update this soon. ;)