Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A whoLe new Life!

So...yes, i fail at writing on my blog. i'm sorry. BUT i am going to try and be better!

My life is about to change drastically! Two weeks from tomorrow I will be flying to Ecuador to work as a volunteer in multiple orphanges. I AM SO STOKED! ahhh i cannot wait! I know this will change my life forever and i am so excited!! I will be living in Cuenca, Ecuador and I will be there for 3 months, hopefully my Spanish will drastically improve when I am there. And i will be using this blog to update all of you fabulous people on all of my adventures while I am gone. :)

I know i will miss my family and all of my friends but I'm not focused on that at all because I am planning on giving 100% of myself to these children and helping them to feel loved and cherished! who knows i might bring one or two of them home! :) and one of the points I am really excited about is that my parents are coming to spend the last week with me and then we are going on a trip to the AMAZON....'i'm a piranha..they live in the a-ma-zon!' ;) and that will be SO much fun! my mom is a little worried about the bugs but i think watching her freak out will be part of the fun! hAHa oh man i just CanNot wait to be there and be able to grow and learn, I know i will come back a totally different person! and then a week after I get home I will be moving out! WOO HOO!!! I will be an RA at WEber State's campus living in Promintory Towers. i'm so excited to be out on my own, a totally new and amazing experience! HollA!

My life is changing in so many different ways and i just can't wait for it all to happen! I love life and i am so excited to live it to the fullest. Life just keeps getting better and better and i can't wait to see what it has for me in store! peace out. i promise i will update this soon. ;)


  1. Wow! you are adventurous!!! That will be an amazing experience! I hope you love every minute of it!

  2. It was so good to see you today! I'm so excited for all of your adventures!!

  3. Darling, when you get there, you will be thinking, what the hell did I do? But take it from someone who has been where you're going, don't waste time wishing you could go home or counting the days. Just LOVE IT! Believe me. And it will be SO hard to do that, but just DO IT! I am soooo jealous and I love you! Thanks for Postin!

  4. Im so proud of you Rebecca, to do something so unselfish is a testament to the person you are. And the person you have always been in my eyes. I hope when you get there every new day is better than the last! Much love rebecca, and please be safe..